Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Spring has sprung and apparently hidden again, but while it was out we had a HUGE clean-up of the basement, with help from a number of volunteers. thanks to everyone who aided in this much needed subterranean overhaul. Pictures to come.

We are now trying to set up the workshop space to make it as efficient and comfortable as possible, and we may need some help to rearrange and clean up. If you've been thinking about volunteering now is the time!

We also got in a few loads of donated bikes this week, which is very exciting and we will need help fixing some of them up for sale, and stripping the rest for parts. It is a great way to learn about bike repair, and how all this stuff works.

Volunteer Orientation next Wednesday night. 7pm

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Benj said...

sweet...I need a new beater fixie....I was hit by a car on my other one..and since i don't have much money, an inexpensive one that I could learn more stuff on would be super awesome....when do you think your gonna get some bikes in..?