Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap year Bash

Thanks to everyone who weathered the storm and came out to the party tonight. It was good times, and we barely had any leftovers! Here are some pictures on the flickr Toronto Bike Pirate Pool.

If you or anyone you know has taken photos at Bike Pirates please add them to the pool, or send them along to us via email. We would love to see them all!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bike Pirate Bike Social and FILM NIGHT

Come one come all, bring an appetite and mind for talk. This week Bike Pirates, the collective of bicycle enthusiasts is putting on two social events and one film night...all are invited.

FEB 29 after Critical Mass, 7-8pm

Hot Chocolate and food for thought are rewarded to anyone that bikes in the heart of the urban jungle. And if you miss the bike ride, come in watch a film BEIJING BICYCLE

TUESDAY NIGHT DINNERS: Every Tuesday at Bike Pirates (457 Bathurst)

Come around seven or eight on any Tuesday nights and prepare to be feed. Bike Pirates wants to break bread with all cyclist in the city. We want to get to know you and you us. Food and talk over bike mechanics and community building.

Stolen: Home-made chopper

A friend of Pirates has had their bike stolen this week. If you see this bike grab the asshole riding it!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Q&A What is Bike PIrates

Q1. I read the Bike Pirates mission statement. Would you say that Bike Pirates is an anti-car culture movement? Would you say that car culture is the common "enemy" of Bike Pirates?

A: We make getting around town easier for people who cannot afford public transit or a private automobile. There are pirates that are not harsh critics of cars because they want to bring drivers over to the idea of biking.. In my view, less cars and more bikes creates a safer street. Car culture cannot be the enemy, it’s to bi and will win at every turn. We work for a compromise, a truce towards reasoning.

Q2. When was Bike Pirates established?
A: July 2006 was when the first Pirates set sail on to Toronto street.

Q3. Bike Pirates is volunteer-run and organized. Does the organization have a defined structure? Is it centralized and hierarchical or decentralized and egalitarian? Do members have defined roles?

A: The Bike Pirates is operated by consensus decision-making. You can call us a dis-organization. We can be considered an egalitarian system because we are trying to create a working system that functions outside the capital oriented sphere. We believe a better world is possible and that no one is alone.

Q4. From where does Bike Pirates receive funding?

A: By donations offered by people that come in and work on their bikes, by donated parts and labour , by fundraising events.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Around the World In 195 Days

Scot smashes world cycle record
Mark Beaumont at the finish
Mark Beaumont crossed the finish line at 1430 GMT

A British man has smashed the record for cycling round the world.

Mark Beaumont, from Fife, completed the journey in 195 days - beating the previous record of 276 days.

The 25-year-old crossed the finish line at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris at 1430 GMT after an 18,000-mile journey which began on 5 August last year.

Mr Beaumont passed through 20 countries on his way, including Pakistan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

'Some sleep'

His solo journey has been dramatic at times.

He endured floods and road rage, and was knocked off his bike in the American state of Louisiana by an elderly motorist who drove through a red light.

Mr Beaumont, who is originally from Bridge of Cally in Perthshire but now lives in Newburgh, also had his wallet and camera stolen from a motel.

However, he is now celebrating.

He said: "I'm delighted, although I think it will take a while for it to sink in.

"It's great to see my friends and family and now I'm looking forward to getting some sleep.

Mark Beaumont

"The challenge was one of those things which was out there to be done.

"I love the idea of being the first and the fastest and I felt I was capable of beating the record."

Mr Beaumont was met at the finish line by his mother Una, father Kevin and sisters, Heather and Hannah.

His mother has been co-ordinating his trip - paving the way with embassies, arranging flights, dealing with the media, organising transport and making sure his bike was serviced.

Mrs Beaumont said: "I am very proud of him. With Mark, the passion is being the first and the fastest.

"It's about pushing himself to the limit."

He has received messages of congratulation from Prince William and Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy.

Guinness World Records spokeswoman Amarilis Espinoza said they were aware of Mr Beaumont's attempt.

"We will be reviewing documentation from him and our researchers will go through the paperwork, but it has been logged as an official attempt and it seems everything is in order."

Source: BBC -

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bike Escalator in Norway?!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice Race

Last night the annual Toronto Ice Races took place at Dufferin Grove Park. Bike Pirates was represented well in the stands but not in the rink (we hope to change that next year!). Here are a few pictures from the night's events:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Even Pirates have a soft spot.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fixie Sites

Hey - here are a few blogs/sites that I've come across related to fixies - please feel free to share any links/videos u have


Saturday, February 9, 2008

After weeks of construction, the Big trailer made its first haul today, The majestic beast brought us back a big donation of parts from Bikes on Wheels. Even though the trailer had to be pulled by hand (the hitch was not finished) it performed its task with grace, appearing to effortlessly float above the slush and ice. Onlookers could only gape in awe as the very pinnacle of pirate technology was dragged past them.

Next up on the drawing board is heart shaped wheels. Just in time for valentines day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This week the world lost one of the greatest, kindest and most helpful minds in cycling.
Sheldon Brown has passed away. One of the (if not THE) most enthusiastic and informative people in the cycling universe, his knowledge helped innumerable cyclists get geared - or ungeared, to solve their unsolvable bike problems, and to feel that they *can* do it themselves.

I went to his site for more questions than I can recall, and when I wanted to build wheels, there he was to teach me how.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bicyclist Beware

Bicyclist Question

  • I was wondering if I could pick your brains:
  • 1. Are there specific streets I can't ride on?
  • 2. I assume traffic rules are the same for bike riders as well, including the left turn and right turns?
  • 3. Which lock would be a good one?
  • 4. I have heard that it is compulsory to have a light and a bell on the bike as well as reflectors. Is there is a specific make one buys?
  • 5. Are lights and bells and reflectors prone to theft also?
  • 6. Are bikes not allowed on sidewalks?

Pirate Answer
  • 1. There is a free cycling map given to anyone in the city, go get one at any bike shop including Pirates.
  • 2. The city prefers all cyclist to obey the rules of the road...Its called vehiculer traffic, we obey their auto-motivated rules. I dont but who cares.... I stay alive.
  • 3. Anything Kryptonite, anything above thirty...but there cheap u locks to buy at general stores on west side of Spidina and the bottom of Augusta.
  • 4. Its the law for bell and light, and the auto-motivated police are able to fine you 170$??!! I dont wear lights but i haven't a drivers license so i dont pay the fine.??!
  • 5. Bike lights get stolen all the time, its Toronto's second biggest act of theft, second to bike theft. Take your lights with you or hide them, your seat and wheels are the bike parts that will be jacked the most.
  • 6. 80% bike on car accidnets in Toronto happen when cyclist cross from sidewalk corner to corner. Cars cannot respond...they don't see you, especially when their turning into you...take the lane from the car, they will not run you down. Feel the flow of traffic. Have faith in your cycling abilities and always lack faith in their ability to drive.
  • Practice Riding deep in Toronto's street by coming out to Crirtical Mass, mobile world-wide street party at the end of every month; Spidina and Bloor, last friday of the month at 6pm...ALWAYS! Not blocking traffic, we are it!