Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bicyclist Beware

Bicyclist Question

  • I was wondering if I could pick your brains:
  • 1. Are there specific streets I can't ride on?
  • 2. I assume traffic rules are the same for bike riders as well, including the left turn and right turns?
  • 3. Which lock would be a good one?
  • 4. I have heard that it is compulsory to have a light and a bell on the bike as well as reflectors. Is there is a specific make one buys?
  • 5. Are lights and bells and reflectors prone to theft also?
  • 6. Are bikes not allowed on sidewalks?

Pirate Answer
  • 1. There is a free cycling map given to anyone in the city, go get one at any bike shop including Pirates.
  • 2. The city prefers all cyclist to obey the rules of the road...Its called vehiculer traffic, we obey their auto-motivated rules. I dont but who cares.... I stay alive.
  • 3. Anything Kryptonite, anything above thirty...but there cheap u locks to buy at general stores on west side of Spidina and the bottom of Augusta.
  • 4. Its the law for bell and light, and the auto-motivated police are able to fine you 170$??!! I dont wear lights but i haven't a drivers license so i dont pay the fine.??!
  • 5. Bike lights get stolen all the time, its Toronto's second biggest act of theft, second to bike theft. Take your lights with you or hide them, your seat and wheels are the bike parts that will be jacked the most.
  • 6. 80% bike on car accidnets in Toronto happen when cyclist cross from sidewalk corner to corner. Cars cannot respond...they don't see you, especially when their turning into you...take the lane from the car, they will not run you down. Feel the flow of traffic. Have faith in your cycling abilities and always lack faith in their ability to drive.
  • Practice Riding deep in Toronto's street by coming out to Crirtical Mass, mobile world-wide street party at the end of every month; Spidina and Bloor, last friday of the month at 6pm...ALWAYS! Not blocking traffic, we are it!

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