Sunday, February 24, 2008

Q&A What is Bike PIrates

Q1. I read the Bike Pirates mission statement. Would you say that Bike Pirates is an anti-car culture movement? Would you say that car culture is the common "enemy" of Bike Pirates?

A: We make getting around town easier for people who cannot afford public transit or a private automobile. There are pirates that are not harsh critics of cars because they want to bring drivers over to the idea of biking.. In my view, less cars and more bikes creates a safer street. Car culture cannot be the enemy, it’s to bi and will win at every turn. We work for a compromise, a truce towards reasoning.

Q2. When was Bike Pirates established?
A: July 2006 was when the first Pirates set sail on to Toronto street.

Q3. Bike Pirates is volunteer-run and organized. Does the organization have a defined structure? Is it centralized and hierarchical or decentralized and egalitarian? Do members have defined roles?

A: The Bike Pirates is operated by consensus decision-making. You can call us a dis-organization. We can be considered an egalitarian system because we are trying to create a working system that functions outside the capital oriented sphere. We believe a better world is possible and that no one is alone.

Q4. From where does Bike Pirates receive funding?

A: By donations offered by people that come in and work on their bikes, by donated parts and labour , by fundraising events.

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