Monday, June 9, 2008

Pedestrian Sundays

....or Pirate Sundays! Throughout the summer Bike Pirates will be participating in the Pedestrian Sundays festivals in downtown Toronto. Two weeks ago was the start of the season, in Kensington, and yesterday was p.s. Mirvish Village, where we spent the day baking in the sun, handing out flyers, tuning some bikes and generally getting into the spirit of summer.

If you've ever wondered what it takes to soften the hard exterior of a pirate - the secret is ice cream.

Join us at p.s. kensington on June 29th.

1 comment:

KarmaPusher said...

It's always nice to see the pirates at events in the city.

I donated my rear wheel to you guys at pedestrian sunday after some piece of $hit stole my bike. Hope its being put to some good use (there were hundreds of people around that bike rack and nobody said anything)

ps: i'm looking for a new ride i may drop in sometime in the next month or two