Monday, August 18, 2008

A new Home!

We have successfully moved into our new home at Bloor and Lansdowne! 1292 Bloor st.
And what a move it was! Stalled cars, shattered trailer hitches, screaming crazies from the street corners. Our convoy of 6 bike trailers and two cars took over the streets with much satisfaction. We could not have made a grander entrance. Heartfelt and sweaty thanks to the folks who helped us move, those who volunteered their trailers and vehicles, and those who rode escort and managed traffic for us.

Now... To make this pile of boxes into a bike shop.
If you have experience with plumbing, carpentry, electrics, banging on nails, or cleaning scary basements. we need your help.
write to

If you are good at scavenging construction supplies, here is a wish list of supplies, in order of necessity:
if you can give us any of these, write to
  • A working toilet.
  • laundry tub (for washing parts and hands)
  • washroom sink.
  • 2x4's preferably 8 ft long
  • Drywall, 4x9 sheets.
  • Robertson head screws, all lengths.
  • 1/2 inch copper pipe and fittings. no runs less than 4 ft please.
  • black plastic drain pipe, 4 inch and 2 inch.
  • counter top, (any size or colour.)
  • light fixtures


ruyoung said...

ah yes, the screaming crazies welcomed you to your new home. there's nothing like that, is there?

glad to see you're moving in! welcome to the neighbourhood.

Riki said...

I think I can score you a good condition countertop from around the corner. Still looking for one?